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Tip of the Month: Tether Wirelessly
Spotlight On: Corporate Photography Goes Social
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August 2011

Tether Wirelessly
DARKROOM wants you to know that if you have the ability to wirelessly drop photos on to your computer or network, you can instantly catalog and work on them in DARKROOM. It doesn't matter if you are using an Eye-Fi card, WiFi technologies, or a piece of hardware for your camera: DARKROOM Version 9.1 will collect the image into your catalog, create a back-up of the image, and allow you to alter, edit, template, print, email and place orders as if the images were there the whole time!
Here is a video that will provide you step-by-step instructions. Notice that Version 9.1 has improved this functionality (if you were using older editions to do this). The steps are pretty easy: (1) Open the setup tab in DARKROOM; (2) Click "Camera Options" and "Tethered Cameras"; (3) Find and click "Hot Folder Camera" (use "FTP/Wireless Camera" if you are familiar with those protocols); and (4) Follow the prompts. You will need to configure your "drop spot" within your technology of choice – but that is it!

Professional Images Photography:
Corporate Photography Goes Social
Perhaps you've read the recent headlines that social media is taking over convention and event photography. It may be because of the ambition of Joseph Rodriguez and his San Antonio-based company, Professional Images Photography. It appears they are getting some attention from their editorial article about how they've found a workflow and service line that not only provides near-instant prints at corporate events, but also, a simultaneous email with the same image – branded with the corporate sponsor's logo and often in front of a greenscreen image.
Apparently there's a lot of buzz when "everyone was tweeting, facebooking and forwarding the photos [they got via email] with the company logo prominently displayed" and that it was the "hit of the tradeshow floor with everyone giggling when their phones began pinging."
"It was a tradeshow marketers dream come true."
When we found out the Professional Images Photography does it all with DARKROOM Professional Edition, we knew we had to pick their brain before convention season formally kicks off on Memorial Day. We reached out to owner, Joseph Rodriguez about what inspired him to create this service offering and the much talked-about article.
DARKROOM: Joseph, thank you for your time. I understand you are currently on the road to Houston for a convention where you have sold your new 'social media services.' Please tell us all about it!
Joseph Rodriguez: It's a pretty exciting time for us right now. There is a lot of talk about what we are doing because the concept and service I am offering is a perfect tool for my corporate clients. Basically: They host an event, a party, or something cool at their booth; I shoot it and print [a 3x5, 4x6 or 5x7] immediately and at the same time email them the jpeg. They get the exact picture, my phone number and information provided by the corporate client in a tidy, instant email.
At a big convention, people are not only carrying around a nice print, but they are opening their smart phones and showing off the digital image – almost enticing their colleagues to run over to our booth. Then they go on to publish the picture to Facebook and Twitter. The corporate client's logo is prominent on every single image so the exposure is exponential.
DARKROOM: So how are you doing this? It sounds like a lot of work, right? Greenscreen dropout, a template border with the corporate logo, instant printing, instant email, and a presentation kiosk… I am hoping I know the answer.
Joseph Rodriguez: Ha! You do! Of course it's all 100% DARKROOM Professional Edition. Importantly Version 9.1 – because that has my camera drivers and the email functionality. And, don't you dare make me sound like a paid endorsement! Cause I'm not! It's just that my workflow is just perfectly suited for DARKROOM and it's been that way since we went digital in 1998.

Click here to continue reading this interview where you will learn Joesph's business lessons and see a video of his new service line in action.
New training
DARKROOM's YouTube channel has a new video on how to publish photos directly to Facebook using Version 9.1. It's awesome. Click here to watch.
Last week: $250 off Assembly Pack
Our friends at Desktop Darkroom (whom also are the exclusive sellers of Assembly Edition) are offering a special promotion until September 1! Buy an Assembly Base and Field Station together and get $250 off instantly. This remarkable deal also includes free training and phone support! Contact Chris Blythe at Desktop Darkroom for more information.
New Facebook contest
As soon as we reach 150 "Likes" on Facebook we will hold a random drawing to win a free upgrade to Version 9.1. Only our Facebook 'friends' are eligible! Join us today!
Our Tip Library wants you
We found our current interviewee after a fun chat on Facebook. You could be next! If you are an avid DARKROOM user and you have some great ideas on how the software benefits your business, reach out! Email, Facebook or Tweet us!

You tell us. If you would like to be a spotlight in an upcoming newsletter or you would like for us to focus on something in particular: Let us know! -- Email us at marketing@darkroomsoftware.com.

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