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Tip of the Month: YouTube Saves the Day
Spotlight On: School Days Are Here Again
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July 2011

YouTube Tutorials Save the Day
Darkroom Software is proud to formally announce our YouTube channel where we publish tutorial videos on how to best use the software. Currently there are six videos representing our support team's most frequently asked questions (although in no particular order):
  1. How to create a greenscreen border;
  2. Upgrading your software;
  3. Setting up a camera hot folder;
  4. Fast photo emailing in Version 9.1;
  5. Setting up photo emailing in Version 9.1; and
  6. Setting up auto-print in Version 9.1.
It is our goal to continue to add new videos often and to let our Facebook "friends" (i.e. people that "Like" us) know when a new video becomes available. Take a look and then join us on Facebook!

School Days Are Here Again With:
Founded a little over six years ago (although previously the company was created from another pair of companies over 30 years old), New Berlin, Wisconsin's, Sport Pics, has become a case-study in how to be a 'player' (pun intended) in school and sport (team and individual) photography by steadily increasing the number of clients in the double digits year after year.
With more than 100 school projects this fall, we thought we should get in touch with our friends at Sports Pics before they get too busy.
Bob Fredrick is the data services manager and has been facilitating the company's workflow systems. He researched and recommended DARKROOM Assembly Edition for Sport Pics in 2006 and has recently upgraded his entire team to Version 9.1.
DARKROOM: Bob, thanks for taking your time out today. Can you tell us a little bit about what Sport Pics will be doing this upcoming school season?
Bob Fredrick: Thanks for asking me. Sport Pics will be shooting around 110 schools this upcoming fall. We will be sending out all of our 15 photography teams during our busiest days and each team consists of a DARKROOM Assembly Field Station, a laptop, a photographer and an assistant. Some of our larger schools, of course, will have more than one photography team. We keep an Assembly Base Station in the office where all of the photos from all of the Field stations are loaded at the end of each day.
DARKROOM: How many students will you shoot this fall?
Bob Fredrick: To be honest, I have no idea. A lot. Some schools are small with fewer than 200 students, and some are large where we are expecting thousands of students. I don't think we think about it in terms of head count.
DARKROOM: So you are expecting thousands and thousands of photos at a time, care to share your workflow process… which I am sure may be a coveted secret?
Bob Fredrick: I have no problem sharing if you have no problem with me being super honest (laughs). As mentioned, on any given day in the fall, we will have teams shoot with Assembly Field and then load the photos in our Assembly Base. DARKROOM excels at capturing – which is why we upgraded to Version 9.1 – because DARKROOM has always excelled in its capture features. From there we use a database system to scrub the files for duplicates and archiving and after everything is set and ready, we print using an entirely different system. We use three different technology systems, two of which we license each year, but DARKROOM is the only one we don't have to and, well, it does its part of the process very well.

Click here to continue reading this interview where you will learn Bob's tricks of the trade and how he uses Assembly Edition differently when shooting school sports.
Facebook Fans Win!
Congrats to Tim Swoboda for being our first Facebook drawing contest winner. He won a free upgrade to Version 9.1 just for 'liking us'. This was so much fun we will do the same contest as soon as we reach 150 'friends'. 'Like us' today!
Last Week to Win for UK / EU Users.
If you are in the European Union, including the United Kingdom, you have one week left to enter to win a free Version 9.1 upgrade from our partners, System Insight. Click here to learn more.
$250 Off Assembly Starter Pack.
Our friends at Desktop Darkroom are the exclusive sellers of Assembly Edition and are offering a special promotion until September 1: Buy an Assembly Base Station and Field Station together and get $250 off instantly. This remarkable deal also includes free training and a year of phone support! Contact Chris Blythe at Desktop Darkroom for more information.
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You tell us. If you would like to be a spotlight in an upcoming newsletter or you would like for us to focus on something in particular: Let us know! -- Email us at marketing@darkroomsoftware.com.

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