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Proudly serving Joplin, Mo.
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November 2011

Notice something different?
It's a new logo! And you're the first to see it! Next month we will be celebrating our one-year anniversary as Darkroom Software and we are making a big deal out of it.

For starters, expect to see this new logo via new resources and tools as part of our mission to provide better support and commitment to you, our Darkroom customers.

Secondly, we will be offering a special promotion just in time for the holidays. With the cooperation of PhotoTidings.com, any new upgrade or purchase of Darkroom made before 2012 will receive four (4) new holiday card templates. Plus there's a 45% off coupon code for any other PhotoTiding purchases you make before March 2012! Click here to learn more.

Keep in mind this promotion is currently only available to you, our newsletter subscribers. We will be gradually announcing our celebration in the weeks to come – but we wanted to reward you before Thanksgiving for being a group of people we are earnestly thankful for!

Holiday Photography
(Tis the Season!)
For many photographers, the winter season represents a quiet time as portrait bookings taper off, the snow white-outs the wedding season, back to school is old hat, and sporting events have moved in doors and with it good lighting. For a few others, however, wintertime invigorates the entrepreneurial spirit as if Father Time was the foreman. We asked a few of these parka wearing, tripod lugging, photog warriors for advice on how to keep busy these last weeks of the year and here is what we discovered.
Celebrate with the Community
Almost every town or county has a holiday festivity and Scott Proposki considers that an opportunity. "Most areas don't want to compete with another town's festivity dates, so it makes it easy to set up one event and extend the idea to other local festivities without a conflict in schedule," he explains. Because his work is typically with larger corporations around the Boston area, he checks in with marketing managers to see if they would sponsor Santa Claus at any number of local holiday events to give away free 5x7 photos to people with Santa and with the company's logo with holiday wishes superimposed on all of the pictures. With Core or Pro edition of DARKROOM, he creates a few samples (by creating a unique template in the software) and presents them to the marketing manager with the pitch that if he gives away 1,000 pictures during the festivities, they are getting a minimum of $2-per-family return on investment and tons of community goodwill. With Pro edition, he prints on-site and hands happy townspeople a perfect picture on the spot.
Bring goodwill to them
It is not presumptuous to say that company holiday parties will be a little bleak this year. Budgets for festivities are going to be downsized but that does not mean holiday merriment has been black-listed too. A few of our favorite corporate photographers, including Lonnie Brewer of Digital Express in Norman Oklahoma, mention that one thing they do is offer to bring Santa and a camera to the office one afternoon or during the company holiday party for a reduced session rate. He asks them to encourage the company to invite the spouses, kids and pets, if possible, and sell prints and holiday greeting cards on-site. For those that do not have a standard event set-up to fulfill orders on-site, many Darkroom users have found great success setting up local WiFi, publishing directly to a PhotoReflect account and using a couple laptops serve as self-purchase kiosks (an assistant nearby to help out and point people in the right direction online helps too).
Click here to continue reading this interview.
Coming to a show near you!
Mistubishi was at PhotoPlus and IAAPA where they used Darkroom Version 9.1 to show off their capabilities (click for photos). ImagingUSA is right around the corner where our dealers will be ready to show you V9.1 in person as well.
Proudly serving Joplin, Mo.
When Fujifilm reached out to us for help providing free family portraits to the citizens of Joplin we could not be more willing. Click here to read about the event and, of course, see Darkroom in many Walmart Portrait Studios in the U.S.
Update your Version 9.1.
Last month we released an update to Version 9.1. If you already own V9.1, please be sure your software is the latest version by clicking here. If you don't own Version 9.1 yet email our sales team any questions you might have.
Our Tip Library wants you
Many of our interviewees and tips come from our subscribers like you! If you are an avid Darkroom user and you have some great ideas on how the software benefits your business reach out! Email, Facebook or Tweet us!

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