Save Time and Money: Automate Your Photography Workflow with Entagged, Foolography and Darkroom Software

You may be wondering what in the world is Foolography and Entagged? The Entagged is a small device that connects to the side of your camera. It is manufactured in Germany by Foolography. When paired with Darkroom Core or Pro it provides a compelling, time-saving workflow solution for schools, groups, large scale events and other photography applications.

Foolproof Workflow Automation
  1. Scan a barcode with the Entagged app or scanner (no computer required).
  2. Take one or more photos of the subject.
  3. Each image is tagged with that barcode in the EXIF data.
  4. You can then import those images into Darkroom and search for the tag using a barcode scanner connected to the computer.

This video will show you how to use the Entagged with Darkroom Software

This makes matching orders to images quick and easy.

Learn more about workflows for school, event and cruise ship photography at Foolography.

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