Darkroom Hotfolder App

 Hands-Free Printing And Sharing For Event And Booth Businesses

Hotfolder monitors your image folders and automatically prints or shares based on your configuration. Need to get hands-on? You can easily manage individual images from Hotfolder as well.

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Automate Print Queue Management

Hotfolder monitors your image folder and auto-prints new images to a connected printer.

Create A Live Event Gallery On The Fly

Want to share images to your brand gallery during the event? Hotfolder can automatically post images to your Event Gallery account.

Manage Individual Images And Boost Event Earnings

Browse the image queue to single out specific images to print or reprint, perfect for selling extra photos to event attendees.

Enjoy hands-free printing and simplify running your booth or event business.

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Supported Printers

Darkroom Hotfolder App has built-in plug and play drivers for the following printers. Additionally, Hotfolder will work with any printer that has Windows OS driver software.

  • Ciaat Brava 21.
  • DNP DS40
  • DNP DS80
  • DNP RX-1 and Rx-1 HS
  • DNP DS620
  • DNP DS820
  • Mitsubishi CPD70DW
  • Mitsubishi CPD80DW
  • Mitsubishi CPD90DW
  • Mitsubishi CPK60D