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I have tried many softwares but we use Darkroom almost exclusively. Its true strength is in its simplicity while not sacrificing complexity. Darkroom Booth could take minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master, depending on your goals. I’ve been using it for years myself and have still only scratched the surface. Not to mention the acknowledgment and respect from their team. At the last expo, I sat in at one of Wally’s classes. Not so much because I needed the info, more out of support and maybe I would learn something too. Arriving a few minutes late, Wally saw me enter and momentarily stopped what he was saying to step over and shake my hand and thank me for joining. Those things mean a lot.

Jason Whaley

Smash Booth

Worked Perfectly!!!

I must tell you that in all my years of business and personal experiences Darkroom has always and I mean ALWAYS been AMAZING, with their Support & Customer Service. I wish everything else was serviced and fixed, this easily and professionally, as everything else I deal with, in my life.

Rich Ramirez

Roshambo Event Planning and Fundraising

Great software and stellar tech support!


Parrott's Photobooth Company, Maine

Awesome software. Getting better monthly the more features added. Works flawless event after event after event.

It is amazing! The easiest, most creative photo booth software ever. User friendly beyond belief, and it allows endless options with templates, screens, etc. There won’t be frustrating hours trying to run it, because there are clear video instructions that Darkroom Booth provides.

Susan Rusconi

I have been a darkroom user for over 5 years now. We use both Core and Booth. If we have any issues with not understanding something the guys are always responsive to provide support. Booth software have been overly reliable for and reliable. The support for darkroom is unbelievably amazing. When you join into the darkroom family you will be treated as family too. Southern hospitality at its finest. Thank you to the Woodcheks for coming out with such a wonderful experience.

Clay Moore

Just finally able to sit down and play with the software. Holy crap, I wish I had bought this a long time ago.

Steven David

First, allow me thank you for allowing me to be a part of this process of making Darkroom better for all Users. I think you may already know that there is no stronger advocate out there for “Darkroom Products” than myself. I’m a firm believer of the power of Darkroom.

I tell you, Darkroom Software changed my life, (back when I first saw it on an event photographer’s computer screen). I went home years ago and Googled “ExpressDigital” and the rest is history. Darkroom has allowed me to do more things in my life thank I could without it, to help others grow, to be part of something larger than myself.

Again, thank you for allowing me to be part of the process.


Don Cherry

I completed my first gig with Darkroom Booth 2.5. It was my own daughter’s wedding. The setup ran unattended for 4.5 hours, 230 prints, and was the highlight of the wedding. The setup never stumbled once. People just couldn’t get enough! Equipment used was a Dell all-in-one Touch screen computer Nikon D90 camera Godox 300-watt strobe Mitsubishi CP9550 Printer All installed in a homemade 24x40x20 Plywood box and shooting against a 10′ white backdrop. Slide show was done on a remote monitor using a Google Chromecast device with my iPhone running as a wireless access point. Great software, easy to customize. I’m overwhelmingly pleased.

Edward Cole

Amy has once again set me straight. She is super nice and really knows the product. I can’t thank her enough for all of her help!