“We got here by taking the time to learn our equipment, cameras, lighting, printers, and software.”

I’m pleased to introduce you to Rich Lincoln, owner of Fun Flips Entertainment located in Boston, MA. They have been in business for over 25 years and is one of our best customers.

Tell us about your business

Rich Lincoln

Rich Lincoln

I’m just a regular guy who loves incredible images and fun activities. I have a background in video production and construction. When I entered the photo booth industry, I was able to use those building skills to custom-build my own photo booths. I taught myself to work with acrylics and polycarbonates to make some very unique and eye-catching photo booths. My video background gave me a good understanding of how to set camera settings like aperture, shutter speeds, and lighting. My video skills also gave me a little advantage in green screen photography (although I must say Darkroom has made the green screen stuff fairly effortless). One of my favorite events, even though it’s not super glamorous, is our green screen surfboard activations. All the guests love getting on the surfboard and rockin the waves. The final green-screen photo never disappoints, it just looks cool!

Another event that comes to mind is a green screen camp photo op we did with no backdrop at all.  We used the AI background removal tool in Darkroom Core with a photographer-driven photo station and the results were actually stunning. I mean the background removal was really amazing.  Don’t quote me, but the background dropout might be better than the regular green screen!

What keeps your customers coming back?

First and foremost I think they know I’m going to show up bringing my A game.  They expect (and they should) me to show up with equipment that is going to complement their event and not distract from it. They hire me because they want quality products that are going to integrate into their tradeshows and events. They want their attendees and guests to have a fun experience and to walk away with a quality photo or image.

How is it working with Imaging Spectrum and Darkroom Software?

In my business, we have tons of photo booths and photo ops that we use for events. All of my photo booths are running Darkroom Booth and my photo stations are running Darkroom Core.  Occasionally I will have a question or an issue that I need help with. If this happens I pick up the phone and call Darkroom technical support and I usually have a call back within a few minutes. In the past, I have spoken with Amy, Eugene, and Wally. Every one of them knew their stuff and had me straightened out fairly quickly.  I don’t think there is any better support out there in our industry

Working with Imaging Spectrum has also been a great experience! They are always my go-to for printers and printing media. My guy Steve is awesome! If I need media for my fleet of DNP DS 620s, I just give him a call and he usually ships on the same day. Steve always treats me like family and the loyalty alone makes me his customer for life.

What else would you like readers to know?

We didn’t get here overnight. We have spent years honing our craft and always trying to be better. We got here by taking the time to learn our equipment, cameras, lighting, printers, and software. We put the time in! Not only do we take pride in our images, but we also care very much about our presentation. We take the extra time to set up and test before events. At events we bring backup equipment, extra cameras, cables, printers, etc. When setting up events, we care about the overall look of our setup. We center and level backdrops, neaten up and tape down cables and cords and hide them as much as possible. Our success has not only come from just taking great images at activations and events, but has also come through networking with other photo companies and working with great companies like Imaging Spectrum and Darkroom Software.

Rich, Thank you for taking the time to meet and especially for your kind words. We look forward to supporting you and your continued success!