We prevail at attention to detail. We care about quality. We put the client first.

Guest post by our friend Steve Behen from Imaging Spectrum

Today I’m talking with Jason Whaley of Smash Booth Interactive Photo Studios. Located in Las Vegas, NV, Jason has built a successful business that has been around for over eight years.

Tell Me About Yourself

Jason Whaley

Jason Whaley

I’ve owned some type of business since I was 19, but none have I committed so much of myself to as I have with Smash Booth. It’s become my entire identity. After I sold my most recent business, my sister being in the wedding industry recommended I look into opening a photo booth company based on my interest in photography. Combined with my other loves, graphic design, tech, matched with a degree in marketing, it turned out to be a perfect storm for both my skillset and my passion. I am also intricately involved in the wedding and event industry in Las Vegas and currently volunteer my time to serve as the President of the Las Vegas Wedding Chamber of Commerce.

Tell Me About Your Business

Smash Booth has a strong focus on providing an elevated experience. From a client’s very first contact, whether that’s a phone call or an Instagram post, to their very final farewell, we try to leave a lasting impression. Besides providing a fun and engaging experience in the photo booth through interactive hosts and a quality product, we want to ensure also that each client has an easy and seamless process through every step and following up afterwards to make sure everything was perfect.

What Sets You Apart?

Foremost, our team. Our sales manager, Hollie Cardinal is passionate about helping clients find exactly what they need and creating that initial relationship. Our event’s coordinator, Ali Kline works hand-in-hand with each client to ensure their experience is unique to their celebration. Finally, our rock star events team. We have had SO many local companies tell us how jealous they are of our on-site team. We aim to be photo entertainment over equipment rental, and it shows.

Secondly, our commitment to our clients experience. Often times in related Facebook groups, I see people ask things like; “my customer wants me to move after I set up” or, “stay an extra hour” or, “set up early”, or they “want extra prints”, etc. The universal answer is always “What does your contract say?” We don’t take that position; we would rather live by our mission statement, “To create innovative and unforgettable, interactive photography based experiences to Las Vegas area events with a focus on customer elation.” That is what we try to deliver, not the legal paragraphs in our contract.

Tell Me About One of Your Great Events

We recently hosted an open house to celebrate moving to our new space. I didn’t want a photo booth that would require my staff to be tied to machines because this was their celebration as well. I decided to buy several extra red bowler hats (our trademark) and invite guests to wear them. Using a Photoshop Droplet I designed through Darkroom Booth 3, I created a filter which turned the photos to black and white while still maintaining our signature red bowlers to explode off the photos printed to 5X7 metallic media. Is was a huge hit and I was thrilled to see my social channels FLOODED with photos of red bowler hats for the next few days.

I’m very proud of our Glamour product as well. Though many company’s offer a version, ours is something we have worked hard to perfect and we’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished.

Has Working With Imaging Spectrum Affected Your Business?

Absolutely. Printers are printers and media is media. The true gold buried in Imaging Spectrum is the team. I started off using another company and it was just like shopping on Amazon. No face behind the product at all. All the while and knowing I bought from a competitor, Steve, you would still go out of your way to talk to me at conventions, buy me a drink, ask about business, check in with a phone call every several months, etc. and always with absolute class. You never once tried to talk down about where I bought media or tried to steal my business by undercutting my supplier. I had to finally ask myself why I had loyalty to a company that had none to me? That’s the Imaging Spectrum difference to me; they feel as loyal to me as I am to them.

Which Printers do You Use?

I am exclusive to the DNP DS620A. I began with he RX1HS, still love it but the 620A’s versatility is unmatched.

What About Darkroom Software

I have tried many software applications, but we use Darkroom Software almost exclusively. Darkroom Booth could take minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master depending on your goals. I’ve been using it for years and have still only scratched the surface.

Not to mention the acknowledgment and respect from their team. At the last Photo Booth Expo, I sat in at one of Wally’s classes. Arriving a few minutes late, Wally saw me enter and momentarily stopped what he was saying to step over and shake my hand and thank me for joining. Those things mean a lot.

Jason, it was great to speak with you today and thank you for all the great compliments. We love seeing our clients succeed and happy to help whenever we can.