I’m pleased to introduce you to one of our oldest and best customers

Meet Murray Englander, owner of A Custom Look Events located in Denver, Colorado. He has been in business for over 35 years and a customer since the early days of Darkroom Software when the company was known as Express Digital.

Tell me about your business

We started our event business back in 1986 using video printers to produce 3 ½” buttons and magnets. In 2000 we switched to Express Digital to offer 5×7 prints via photographer driven experiences. Coming from a photographer background (my Dad had a large photo studio in New York), we always tried to produce “keepsake” photos that guests were proud to display in their home with the included custom photo mounts. To this day we prefer photographer driven stations over photo booths for the final output it produces. With Darkroom Software, we are able to scale and move the guest on the fly, something that cannot be done in a photo booth.

Tell me about one of your great events

Keeping with the current times, our “Face Behind the Mask” project in 2020 was one we are definitely proud of. We setup a small green screen station at a local hospital and provided free buttons to the staff with their photo and first name. We used Darkroom Pro and a commercial button system.

What are your thoughts on photo prints in 2021?

I believe there will always be those who want prints for their guests. In fact, we recently had a bride choose our camera array over a 360° since we could offer high quality prints.

Talk about working with Imaging Spectrum and Darkroom Software

Imaging Spectrum and Darkroom Software have been my go to vendors for printers, supplies and software forever. Steve, you and your team have helped us out in a pinch more than once over the years. It is extremely important for everyone to establish a good relationship with their vendors.

Thank you Murray for taking the time to speak with me. We appreciate your business all these years and for the things you have done for your community during this time.