DALLAS, TX–July 25, 2012 Darkroom Software has launched a new build of Darkroom version 9.1.  Improvements include new camera drivers, new printer drivers, new features, and fixes.

New Camera Drivers

  • Nikon D4, D800
  • Canon 5D Mark III, EOS 1DX, EOS 650D/Rebel T4i

New Printer Drivers

  • DNP DS40, DS80, DSRX1
  • Fuji DL600, Fuji LP5700


New Features

  • Can Export Order Data including photo email addresses
  • Digital Media enhancements
    • Can now use custom watermark
    • Can now edit settings when used with Autoprint
    • “Create Digital Media” menu option can now be disabled
  •  Receipt Printing
    • Can print order ID as barcode on receipt
    • Darkroom variables now work in detailed receipt text
  • Event Presentation mode changes
    • Can click to see large preview of cart item
    • Can easily remove cart item from preview


  • Auto print proof / receipt buttons fixed
  • Photo Email: Now works on saved photo in workshop
  • Assembly Edition
    • Package barcodes enhanced for Windows 7
    • Can now create PSPA output with custom image size
    • Query fixes

New Build Links

The following are the links to download the new build.  The build is free of charge to all Darkroom 9.1 users.



Upgrades are available to 9.1 for users on previous versions of Darkroom.  Upgrade prices are Core $195, Pro $345, Assembly $895.  https://darkroomsoftware.com/buy



About Darkroom

If you are serious about photography, Darkroom is the ONLY software that delivers 100% of the functionality necessary to grow your business.  Darkroom has been an industry leader for over a decade and helps businesses of all sizes incorporate a profitable photography workflow.  For more information please contact: 800-517-4522, sales@darkroomsoftware.comwww.darkroomsoftware.com