Frequently Asked Questions

What cameras will work with Darkroom Core?

Darkroom Core works with most popular Canon and Nikon cameras. Please visit our Supported Hardware page for a complete list. Core can also import images from any camera storage card.

What printers will work with Darkroom Core?

Darkroom Core directly supports many of today’s industry leading dye-sub printers. You can also print to any windows printer using the Windows printer driver. Please view the Supported Hardware page for a list of printers compatible with Darkroom Core.

My camera is not on the list. Will it work?

Images from unsupported cameras can be used via a wireless Hotfolder set up. A storage card, such as an SD card can also be used to transfer images.

I have a program to print pictures, why do I need Darkroom Core?

Darkroom Core is much more than simply a printing program, giving you all the tools needed to manage photography events and workflows from small to large.

What is the difference? Do I need Core or Booth?

Core/Pro is for you shooting the photo, picking the photo, zooming cropping, setting the border and printing. Booth is designed for an automated photo booth setup.

Do I need Darkroom Core or Pro - what is the difference?

Darkroom Core is sufficient for most single camera events. Darkroom Pro adds a networking feature enabling large scale events with multiple shooting stations and or viewing ordering stations. Pro also adds support for large, high volume mini-lab printing systems like those from Fujifilm and Noritsu. Still not sure? Give us a call and we can help you decide.

How many computers can Darkroom Core be used on?

One computer per activation code (or dongle/software key).

Can I set up a storefront to sell photos online?

Yes, Darkroom works seamlessly with the photo based e-commerce solution available from PhotoReflect.

What kind of prints can I make?

Just about any size, to any Windows printer. Prints can also be sent to and fulfilled by a photo lab.

Can I create custom templates and packages?

Yes, with Darkroom’s powerful package builder the options are endless. Darkroom’s template builder provides tools to create unique products that add value to your business. Templates are also available from third party providers at Darkroom Templates.

Can I move templates from one computer to another?

Yes, templates can be built on any computer installed with Darkroom Core and can be transferred from one computer to another.

Is there a Mac version of Darkroom Core?

No, Darkroom Core and Pro are only available for Windows operating systems.

How much does Darkroom Core cost?

The price for Darkroom Core is $495, Darkroom Pro is $1,395. Dealers set their own price and often bundle the software with printers. The software is a one-time purchase and includes 1 year of software updates and maintenance. When your maintenance plan expires, your software will still continue to function but you will not have access to support or the latest updates. A one year maintenance plan renewal is $95 for Darkroom Core and $195 for Darkroom Pro.

How do I upgrade to Darkroom version 9.3?

If your maintenance and support window has lapsed, you purchased 9.2 before June 1, 2020 or if you have an older version, you can purchase an upgrade from within your Darkroom Core or Pro software. To start the upgrade process download and install version 9.3 and follow the prompts. Your computer will need an internet connection to complete the payment process. Instructions and download link to 9.3 can be found here.

If you purchased or upgraded a dongle after June 1, 2020 please email with a copy of your proof of purchase for upgrade instructions.

Does Darkroom Core and Pro work with Windows 11?

We recommend Windows 10. For those purchasing a new computer stay with 10 if you can but if all that is available is Windows 11 all of our apps will run just fine; however, you may need to connect your computer to the internet every 20 days instead of the normal 6 months due to changes in Windows 11. This should be resolved soon but it will require updating to the latest version of Darkroom Core once it is released.