Frequently Asked Questions

Can I turn Event Gallery on and off so I don’t get charged when I don’t use it?

Event Gallery is a month-to-month subscription and can be cancelled at any time. A yearly plan is also available at a discount. The cancellation will take effect at the end of the currently paid month. Galleries can be downloaded in full prior to cancellation but are not available after subscription ends.

Can I upload videos to Event Gallery?

Yes, Event Gallery can host MP4 videos, photos and GIFs

Can photos be shared to social media?

Yes, Event Gallery supports sharing directly to social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Can I password protect my galleries?

Yes, your galleries can be made private with a password so only the people you want to share it with will have access.

How much does Event Gallery cost?

Event Gallery includes a free 30 day trial with a $30 a month subscription thereafter.

What are the key benefit of Event Gallery

Event Gallery is the solution for automatically uploading images from your event to a gallery hosted on the internet that your customers can access and share on social channels directly from their smartphone, device or computer.

How does Event Gallery compare to SmugMug?

Event Gallery is designed from the ground up for event and social sharing and includes features for GIFs, regular and slow motion video as well as still images.

How does the subscription work and is there a storage limit?

Payments are based on a monthly or yearly subscription. There are three options for storage available. Click here for payment and storage options.