Frequently Asked Questions

I have Booth for windows. Can I use that on iPad?

No, Darkroom Booth for iPad is a standalone iOS application designed for the Apple iPad.

Can I create my own templates on a computer and transfer to my iPad?

Yes, templates, called overlays, can be created on a computer and transferred to the iPad. Booth for iPad includes overlays that can be customized. Templates can also be purchased from third party providers like Darkroom Templates.

can I print with booth for ipad?

Yes, Booth for iPad supports printing via AirPrint.

Does Booth for iPad work on an iPhone?

No, Booth for iPad is only available for the Apple iPad.

Can I post to social media?

Darkroom Booth for iPad works with Event Gallery to create a robust social sharing solution. Learn more about Event Gallery here.

Is Booth for iPad cloud based? Do I need an internet connection to run the software at my events?

No. One of the great features of Booth for iPad is that it does not need an internet connection, allowing operation in any environment. Events are created and started on the device, meaning they aren’t reliant on the Cloud. Sharing is not possible without an internet connection, however, printing and other features are not reliant on internet.

How much does Booth for iPad cost?

Booth for iPad is free to trial, fully featured for the first 7 days. The fully featured version is available for a $29.99 per month subscription. Receive two months free with a yearly subscription of $299.

Can I use a DSLR with Booth for iPad?

No, Booth for iPad software utilizes the camera built in to the iPad.

How many iPads can I run with my subscription?

One subscription to Booth for iPad will give you access of up to 10 iPad devices on a single Apple ID account.

How does this software work and what are the key features?

Visit the Booth for iPad product page to learn more about the features and benefits