The output menu is a powerful tool in Darkroom Booth Software that many customers are unaware of. Here is a list of 5 ways to take advantage of the Output Menu in Darkroom Booth along with an instructional video from software guru Eugene.

1. Match output for number of photos taken
In this way if you change your template to one with more or less photos, the software will automatically capture the number of photos to match the template. This is very helpful when using print alternate – so if you have a template with 3 images the software will automatically adjust to capture 3 photos.

2. Using auto for your print option
Darkroom Booth software will automatically select the correct print size when changing to a template with a different size print.

3. BCC yourself
Add your own email address to the bcc field. Every time an image is sent to a customer via email you will receive a copy. This way if someone misspells their email address or loses their email, you can simply forward them a copy from your phone or device without going into the booth settings and holding things up.

4. Using copy originals and save output to make a back up copy
Create a folder on your desktop to save the original photos and output (the print files). This is preferable and more reliable than saving to a flash drive. Once the event is over you can copy over the photos and output to a flash drive for your client. This can also be used for media such as GIFs.

5. Using Darkroom Hot Folder App to upload to event gallery
Did you know you can use Darkroom Hot Folder to upload images as well as GIFs to Event Gallery? Darkroom Booth can upload the output image or the gif but not both. This is where Darkroom Hotfolder can help. You can upload the output and ordinals from Booth as send the Gif Hotfolder for upload.

And here is Eugene’s video to pull it all together…

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