If you have your bleed scale set to 0% in Darkroom but the images are still being scaled up when printing to the AGFA D-Lab. Repro Mode determines if any adjustments will be made by the printer after the Darkroom software releases the prints to be printed.

If Repro Mode is ON, then the printer does not scale the image and does not perform color or sharpness adjustments on the image at the printer. This is the way it should usually be used with Darkroom. If Repro Mode is OFF, then the printer will apply a percentage scale to all images printed from our software. The scale percentage applied is set on the Agfa printer console. With repro mode off, the printer may also apply sharpness and color adjustments as set on the printer console. The bleed scale set in our software controls how much bleed or scaling we apply when building the rasterized image to send to the printer. In order to get absolutely NO bleed at all, you would set the bleed scale in our software to 0, and then either set our software to use Repro mode OR set the bleed scale applied on the printer to 0. Typically, Darkroom software should be set to use Repro mode AND apply a small bleed amount. You can optionally disable our bleed amount for individual prints by adding “/NoBleed” in the media descriptor field forany print item.