There are 3 commonly used ways to apply effects in Darkroom Booth. In this video Eugene briefly explains all 3 and shows you how to set them up and use them effectively in your photo booth.

Using the grayscale option
This is the simplest way to offer your clients the option of black and white photos. Using the grayscale option is built in and can easily be added to a screen button. This way your user can have the option between Color and Black & White.

Using a filter
Easily apply effects to photos using filters. Effects are also applied to live view which makes it nice for users to preview the different filters you set up. Filters control things like contrast, saturation, exposure etc. There are also glamour filters available. Like the grayscale option, these effects can also be applied to screen buttons creating a fun experience for your booth users.

Using a Photoshop droplet
This option is a bit advanced but very powerful. A droplet is an executable file, when an image is sent to a droplet, photoshop opens the image and processes it applying the functions you have instructed it to. Booth then picks up the finished image for delivery. Stick with filters if you don’t have or are not comfortable using Adobe Photoshop. See this Help Center article for more information on using Photoshop Droplets.

For more detailed instruction on adding and customizing buttons in your screen templates check out this Help Center Article.

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