In this video learn how to use hot folders with Darkroom Core to save time and increase productivity in your photography workflow.

Add a folder to your computer or a network and anytime an image is dropped into the folder the image is printed or processed to whatever output you want to assign to it. You can have multiple folders set up for multiple tasks.

One situation in which many of our customers use this feature is in a studio or lab environment. It doesn’t matter if your photographers and designers are working on a Mac or a PC, as long as they can access the hot folder on the network, they can drag and drop images to create prints and other tasks. This also works for large corporate events and sporting events where you may have multiple shooting and sales stations.

In this short video, Eugene will show you how to set up and use this powerful feature in Darkroom Core.

How are you using Hot Folders in Darkroom Core? Let us know by commenting below.