Image of Cathy Wood, taken by Madison Yen Collins

I am pleased to introduce you to Cathy Wood

Here is my interview with Cathy Wood, owner of Phancy Photo Booth. Located in Memphis, Tennessee, this successful photo booth business has been in operation since 2012.

Tell Me About Your Business

I built my website in August of 2012 and within a week, I had so many inquiries for photo booth services, I was turning people away. My early customers were almost all weddings, but I soon attracted clients wanting a photo booth for milestone birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate events. Three months after I launched my business, I realized I needed a second booth to handle the volume of business.

Today, my equipment includes my original two photo booths, along with three open concept Venue Pros, all running on Darkroom Booth 3. I also just added my first iPad booth that I run on Darkroom Booth for iPad. All my photo booths offer immediate prints up to 4” x 12”. Guests love immediately getting prints in their hands but they can also receive their photos via e-mail or text thanks to Darkroom Booth.

Why Do Your Customers Love You?

Because we are PHUN! I try to give the customer the best experience they can have. It’s almost like being on stage; when it’s “show time,” nothing else matters. I get into the photo booth lady character, put my cat ears on and we get busy making the event fantastic.

Tell Me About One of Your Great Events

We did the wrap party for the TV show BLUFF CITY LAW that was filmed here in Memphis. We had a wonderful time with the cast and crew doing a green screen with Memphis landmarks as the background. The highlight was meeting and talking with Jimmy Smitts!  When I met him, I  called him by a character name from the West Wing; I said, “oh President Santos, it’s an honor to meet you.” He looked at me, giggled and said ” President Santos” and gave me a high five. It was probably the highlight of my photo booth career and will be for a long time.


How Has Business Been?

2020 was a tough year in the photo booth world and I was forced to pivot and pursue some other business opportunities. I am happy to report that 2021 is roaring back and I find myself booking photo booth events months in advance again. My team and I are thrilled to be back providing photo booth services for my clients and look forward to making new relationships in the coming months.

Talk About Working with Imaging Spectrum and Darkroom Software

I love working with Imaging Spectrum. We use DNP 620A printers and a Fuji DX100 for jumbo strips. Imaging Spectrum has great customer service and I can always count on them to keep me well stocked with supplies.

I started out using Photoboof Software. Switching to Darkroom Software  has given me the flexibility to provide printing and digital experiences for my clients. I have attended Wally Carnes & Bill Vahrenkamp’s Event Guys classes on Darkroom Booth which have been most helpful.

Visit the Darkroom YouTube channel for recorded classes. Current course offerings can be found on the Darkroom Software training page.

What Else Would You Like Our Readers to Know?

Besides the wide range of equipment options and services I offer, my customers love my creative branding that I partially owe to a pair of small, black velvet cat ears. I fell in love with this prop in 2016 and began wearing it to events so I would stand out as “the photo booth lady.” I have become instantly recognizable in the photo booth world, and among my customer base.

Thank you Cathy for taking the time to speak with me. You have become a unique leader in the industry and one of my best customers!