Exciting News: Darkroom Booth 2024 Update Is Here!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Darkroom Booth 2024, packed with a host of new features designed to elevate your photo booth experience and boost your business’s bottom line.

Introducing Darkroom Booth 2024 Phone: Transforming Photo to Phone Sharing

Picture this: your customers step out of the booth, their smiles beaming, and within moments, they receive their cherished photo memories right on their phones. With Darkroom Phone, our innovative built-in photo-to-phone texting feature, this seamless experience is now a reality. What’s even better? You don’t need your own Twilio account to make it happen! Watch Eugene’s latest video for an in-depth look at this game-changing feature.

But Wait, There’s More in Darkroom Booth 2024!

Session History: Ever had a minor typo ruin a perfect moment captured? Not anymore! With Session History, you can now edit template text on the fly, correcting mistakes and ensuring every print is picture-perfect.

Flexibility in Messaging: Sometimes, messages don’t go through as planned. With Darkroom Booth 2024, you have the power to switch email or phone providers seamlessly, ensuring your guests receive their photos without a hitch.

Enhanced Search Capabilities: Looking for a specific session to resend? No problem! Session History allows you to search by email or phone number, making it easy to find and resend photos to your guests.

Seamless Video Playback: Want to add a touch of entertainment to your booth? Now you can play multiple videos consecutively from one Device Control command list, keeping the party going all night long!

Improved Phone Number Validation: We’ve fine-tuned our system to catch more cases of invalid North American phone numbers, ensuring that every guest receives their cherished memories without delay.

Choice and Flexibility: Whether you prefer Darkroom Phone or Twilio, Darkroom Booth 2024 lets you choose between the two, giving you the freedom to select the option that best suits your needs without hassle.

Download Now and Elevate Your Photo Booth Experience!

And best of all, Darkroom Booth 2024 is a free update for customers current on their maintenance plan. Don’t miss out on these exciting new features! Learn more and download here.

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Upgrade to Darkroom Booth 2024 today and take your photo booth business to new heights!