There are so many features and benefits built in to Darkroom Core and Pro software products that it is difficult to communicate them all. Keep an eye on this blog and our social media channel for weekly updates as we highlight some of these least known gems.

Use Darkroom Core/Pro to capture and print like a photo booth

Many customers ask us how to use Darkroom Core/Pro to manually capture and auto-print photo booth images. This enables you to manually shoot images, Darkroom auto fills the template and prints it when the correct number of images have been captured. Here is a tutorial to show you how.

Darkroom has keyboard shortcuts

Speed up your workflow with keyboard shortcuts

Darkroom Software is designed for efficient workflow – one shortcut that many users don’t know about is keyboard shortcuts. Many of the most commonly used tasks have built in keyboard short cuts that can speed up your workflow. Here is an exhaustive list of them all including a PDF version that you can print and keep handy.

Speed up your workflow with Quick Print

Help speed up your workflow by quickly and easily sending images to the printer. Quick print enables users to bypass the shopping cart and send images directly to the printer. Eugene shows you how to use the feature in this short video.

Build Composite Photo Templates

Even as we slowly return to normalcy many schools and sports leagues are still not permitting class or team photos due to covid protocols. Our support team has seen an uptick in photographers looking for a simple solution for creating composites. Darkroom can do that!

Build Custom Proof Templates

Save time and money by creating your own custom proof templates. Any size, any configuration, add custom text and marketing messages. This video will show you how.

Auto Print

This is an oldie but goodie – set up Darkroom to auto print photos as you shoot. This is especially useful in wireless roaming photographer situations. Darkroom monitors a folder and whenever an image arrives, Darkroom processes and prints the image. Any size, layout or template. This video will show you how.

More to come…