If you caught this recent press release or have taken a look at the ExpressDigital website lately you must be thinking to yourself: “What is going on?” Or, more specifically, “What is ExpressDigital’s relationship to Darkroom Software and Imaging Spectrum – Who owns what now?

We’ve got the answer straight from Mike Woodchek:

“The owners of all of the brands (Imaging Spectrum, Darkroom Software, Photoreflect and Labtricity) are the same but each entity is now a separate company from an operational standpoint.”

This is a good thing! As detailed in the press release, the Woodchek brothers, who purchased the Darkroom brand in 2010 have finalized the purchase of the remaining parts of ExpressDigital. Now all of the products originally under the ExpressDigital banners will be under the same management and service standards that have been celebrated for years at Imaging Spectrum.

Each company will operate separately as necessary but as you may know, if you have ever worked with Imaging Spectrum, transparency is important. There is “no curtain” as Mike would put it.

So, if you need any more information or would like one of the owners to put your concerns to rest, please reach out!

Use the contact form on this website or call 800-517-4522. If you have to leave a message, know that most calls are returned by the end of the day.