This article contains an attachment that provides bar codes that must be scanned before using a USB Barcode Scanner with Darkroom software. To use a USB barcode scanner which emulates a standard
keyboard, you must configure the scanner to transmit an STX (ASCII 02H) start-of-text character before each bar code, and a CR (ASCII 0DH) character after each bar code. The document attached is for Metrologic bar code scanners only. If you have brand or model not listed, please consult the documentation for your specific device.

You must be using Darkroom Pro 8.8 or Darkroom Assembly 8.8. You must be using a Metrologic USB Barcode Scanner.

1. Download and open the USB Barcode Scanner document by clicking on the link below.

USB Bar Code Configuration

2. Print out the document.

3. Follow the instructions provided in the documentation.

4. TO CONFIGURE A NON-METROLOGIC SCANNER: Please consult your scanner documentation to determine the appropriate setup procedures to enable prefix character STX (ASCII 02H) and suffix character CR (ASCII 13 or 0DH).