Event Gallery is the best way to effortlessly share photos, videos and gifs with your customers. In this video, Eugene shares a few more reasons why using Event Gallery will improve your customers experience and add value to your business – plus he will give you a promo code as an extra incentive to give Event Gallery a try.

It’s popular to send photo booth and event photos to phones, however, due to carrier restrictions and the vast difference in smart phones, sharing photos can be a tricky endeavor. With Event Gallery, Darkroom Core or Darkroom Booth and an internet connection, photos, video and gifs are instantly uploaded directly to your branded gallery. Customers simply visit the gallery website with their phones to view their images (here is a sample gallery). From there, they can download and share to social media. The gallery website can be shared with your customers with a QR code or simply print a card or sign with the url and or QR code.

Event Gallery is only $30 a month, considering the value it can add to your business it is a great deal. Plus watch the video above to learn how you can get 3 months for free.

Here are some more videos on how to use Event Gallery.

How to link Darkroom Booth to Event Gallery:

How to link Darkroom Core to Event Gallery:

Share photos with a QR Code with Darkroom Booth and Event Gallery:

Share photos with a receipt printer using Darkroom Core and Event Gallery

For more information about Event Gallery and link to start your free trial visit:

Event Gallery