Hello Darkroom Users,

Eric Woodchek here. I’m the marketing guy at Darkroom Software. [My brother Brian is the geeky guy with all —or some— of the answers and brother Mike is the bean counter.] I’m the guy that gets to have the fun!

I just want to thank you all for your support and your dedication to the Darkroom community. Brian, Mike and I have been at the helm now for almost a year and a half now. We are doing our darndest to make Darkroom the best software for your photography business. We couldn’t do it without you, our dedicated users and supporters.

When I had the new logo developed I thought, man, that would look insane on a red American Apparel t-shirt. So I got some made and I was right: They are very cool! And so I ordered more to share with you, our dedicated users.

I want to mention: These are really nice, soft American Apparel t-shirts (not your dad’s, cheap, beefy-T that Mike wanted to get).

So here is how we are giving these bad boys away. Send me an email with a few sentences or a paragraph describing why you use and love Darkroom software (anything you don’t like or want to see in a future version can be passed along to Brian). Also include a picture or short video of you and/or your team in action using Darkroom at an event, in the studio or in the kitchen, wherever you use it. Include your address and t-shirt size and I’ll ship a t-shirt out to you. If you want a second shirt for your spouse or assistant just let me know what size. (Did I mention these are really nice, soft, comfortable American Apparel t-shirts?)

Our favorite correspondents will be featured on our blog and our newsletter along with full credit to you and your photo business for the additional perk of a little more SEO.

Thanks Everybody!

Eric Woodchek