This article contains general information on SASI CDs for Darkroom Assembly Edition. It will help customers determine SASI CD requirements for burning within Darkroom Assembly and what is contained in a SASI CD. Darkroom Assembly Edition will allow you to take the student photos and data and create a CD that conforms to the SASI CD standard. Please refer to the Darkroom Assembly Edition Application User Guide for more information on how to burn CDs within the software.

First, the SASI CD creation option requires and creates the following info with the data template

1. Student Images
2. ID Number
3. First and Last names
4. Teacher
5. Homeroom
6. Grade

Second, every SASI CD should have the following two folders on the root of the drive.

Datamac – The Datamac folder must have a text file in it called XREFPICT. This file is used to identify the student. If you open the file, it should look like this: “0002006133”,”1000.PIC”

Picfile – The Picfile folder will house the school images. These images will match the information that the XREFPICT file displays. Here are the guidelines for the images themselves.

Image Size: 89×134 pixels at 72 DPI (1.236″x1.861″)
Filename Format: Student ID
File Type: Pct
File Color: Color


When the school and or yearbook company loads the Photo CD you created into SASI system, the XREFPICT file and the DATAMAC file should match up.

You must follow the data template requirements exactly in order to create the CD. For example, if you name one of the student fields “Student ID” instead of the SASI requirement, “ID NUMBER” then the SASI CD will not be created. There is no easy fix. If this occurs you will have to redo the entire job in order to create the CDs. The SASI CD function looks for ID NUMBER and uses this field to create the .pct files on the CD.