We are very excited to announce Booth Themes available at www.darkroomtemplates.com. We are sure you will love them as they become an awesome new tool to help building your photo booth business.

A Booth Theme is a screen template that has all the event setting embedded in to the file. Everything you need to try out a new feature! They are very similar to the sample events that came with your software, but they take advantage of all the new features that we have added since the initial launch, all the fun stuff that can sometimes be a pain to learn or setup. You can use them “as-is” or modify them with your own artwork.

We have included a handful different types of events and setups that you can download for free today and we will continue to add more Booth Themes as we continue to add more features to Darkroom Booth.

Booth Themes are compatible with Darkroom Booth 3.00.786 or higher. If you are not on the latest version of Darkroom now is the perfect time to update!