This article explains how to add calendar templates for the current or next year to Darkroom Software.

1. Download the template files. Files for the current calendar year can be downloaded from the following Link.

2. Open the Darkroom software.
3. Minimize the Darkroom software by clicking on the icon in the upper right portion of the application screen.
4. Click on the Start Menu in the lower left portion of the screen and click on Computer Follow this file path: X:\Templates\Borders\Sample Borders\Specialty
5. Copy calendarY2x6.png and calendarY4x3.png into the Specialty folder. If Windows asks you to replace the current files, select Yes.
6. Once the files are copied into the Specialty Folder, close My Computer and your Darkroom software.
7. Re-open your Darkroom software. Add the calendar border to any image to make sure it is functioning.