This article contains information on creating and adding overlays to your Proof Sheet in your Darkoom software.


You must be using Darkroom Professional, Darkroom Assembly or Darkroom Core. Create your overaly graphic in a graphics editing program that can create .TGA or .PNG files, such as Adobe Photoshop.
Create a Transparent Image using Adobe Photoshop®

1. Open your overlay image (e.g. a logo with a solid background).

2. Unlock the layer by draggin the lock icon to the trash can in the layers palette.

3. Select the background to be removed using the selection tool of your choice, e.g. the magic wand.\

4. Press the delete key to make the pixels transparent.

5. We recommend to save the image to another file to keep the original one intact. Select “File/Save As…”. In Format box, select “PNG”. Click Save. Select Interlace: “None”, click OK.

6. You’re done creating the transparent version of your image.

Add your overlay to your proof sheet in Darkroom

1. Now open your Darkroom Software and access a catalog in the Photo Library.

2. Click on the proof button and go into your advanced options.

3. In the advanced options you will see a button for overlay. Select that button, browse to where you saved your *.png file, and open it. You will now see the overlay on top of your proof sheet.

4. An important hint: If you are trying to create a watermark for a multi holed proof sheet it would be easier to create a template in our border workshop with your overlay (watermark) applied to each photo place holder. You can then select that Custom Layout (border) in the proof advanced options after selecting a custom page layout.