This article contains information on adding templates to your Darkroom software. In Darkroom you are able to add third party templates to the software; you can also add templates that you have created outside of Darkroom software.


You must be using  Darkroom Professional, Darkroom Assembly, and/or Darkroom Core. Your templates files must be in the CRD format.


1. Open your Darkroom software
2. Open My Computer in Windows
3. Select the X: drive (note: you will only see the X: drive if your Express Digital software is open. This is a virtual drive that mirrors your photos folder)

shot1 x drive.png

4. Select Templates
5. Select Borders
6. Create a new folder (This folder should be labeled in accordance to your border types i.e. if you purchased wedding templates you might call the folder wedding templates)

shot2 my borders folder.png

7. Add all of your templates (CRD files) and all of the graphic files that belong to those templates.
8. Go back to your Darkroom software
9. Go to the Setup tab
10. Select Products & Services
11. Select Templates
12. Select Borders
13. Select New Group at the top left of the screen (Name this group the same name you called your folder in the X: drive)

shot3 new group and tree real.png

14. Then hit add from the right of the screen

shot4 working with new group real.png
15. Select Browse
16. Browse to X:\Templates\Borders\(The folder you created)

shot5 folder browsing.png

17. Select okay
18. You should now see all of the border that you added to that folder

shot6 finding borders.png

19. Select add all (Note: If you have sub-folders that need to be added you will need to select add all sub-directories)

shot7 final.png