When editing a photo, you can save certain settings as an attribute so that those settings can be reused again on other photos. These options are accessed in the Photo Workshop of Darkroom. The only options in the Photo Workshop are “Apply to All in catalog” or “Apply from”. There is no “Apply to selected” option.

This applies to Darkroom Core Edition, Darkroom Professional Edition, and Darkroom Assembly Edition.

1. Edit one of the photos within the Photo Workshop.
2. To Save the changes to the clipboard, press the * (asterisk) key on
the number pad. You can also click on the “Attributes” menu at the top
and choose “Save To” then “Clipboard.”
3. To save your changes to a custom placeholder for use even after
your clipboard is empty, click “Attributes” and choose “Save To” then
choose “New”. Here you can select the types of attributes that you
would like to save, and give this attribute bundle a name.
4. Choose the multiple tab in the photoworkshop and select the photos
you wish to apply your attributes to.
5. To Apply the attributes from the clipboard press the /(forward
slash) key on your keyboard.
6. To apply the attributes from the new attribute bundle, click
“Attributes” then choose “Apply From” and choose your customer
attribute bundle from the list.