After editing images in your Darkroom software, you may want to print them all to file in order to create an image CD for your customer, to send to an external lab, or for some other purpose. This article will describe how to batch print your images to file quickly.


Darkroom Assembly or Professional Edition software.

There are two parts necessary in order to Batch Print using the Raster Image Printer: Setting up the Raster Image Printer and Configuring the Batch Order window.

Raster Image Printer Setup in Darkroom 9.1

1. Go to the Setup tab.
2. Click on Printer Options.
3. Click on the Add Printer icon.
4. Scroll down to Raster Image Printer and click it.
5. Click the Add Printer button.
6. Select the size of output media you want, e.g. 4×6.
7. Press OK.
8. The Raster Image Printer Setup dialog will appear.
9. Put a check in the “enabled” checkbox.
10. Use this window to configure your output settings such as output folder, image format, filename format, etc.
11. Click OK.

It is now necessary to set up a print item that matches your Raster Image Printer size. In our example, this is a 4×6.

1. Go to the Setup tab
2. Click on Products & Services
3. Click on Package Groups
4. Select your current default group.
5. Click on any of the package items in the group.
6. Click on “Add Package”.
7. Click OK.
8. Click “Add Local Print Item”
9. A window will appear. Click the 4×6 option once.
10. Click OK.
11. After editing all of your images to your liking, go to the PhotoLibrary tab.
12. Click on the Batch icon.

Batch Order

1. The Batch Order dialog box will appear. Here you can choose whether to “Print only the selected photos” or “Print all photos in this event.”
2. Click “Add” to choose the print package you desire (4×6 in our example).
3. Choose the number of copies you want.
4. Apply a border to every print if desired. to do so:

A. check the box “Print each photo with a border”
B. Click choose and browse for the border you want.
C. Click Ok

5. Choose to “Create a single order” or “Create separate orders for each photo.”
6. Click “Place Orders”

If “Auto Print” is enabled in the Orders tab, the batch order will print your images to file in the folder selected in your Raster Image Printer setup dialog. Otherwise, the new order will be in the Orders tab awaiting final approval.

Click on the screen image below for step by step images