Learn how to build custom screen template buttons for your photo booth using Darkroom Booth. Learn the difference between a shape button and a graphic button, the pros and cons of each and which may be best for your photo booth set up.

Shape buttons are predefined in Darkroom Booth and are easily customized. You can easily change the shape, color, border, drop shadow, etc. Then assign a command like “start session”, “start video”, “black & white photo”, “color photo”, etc. Graphic buttons give you more creative options as they can be designed in a program such as Photoshop, Illustrator or Canva. Once your button is designed, you can import the graphic file into Booth as a .jpg or .png file. And just like the shape buttons, you can assign any command available in the program. When designing your button it is wise to keep the original file (.psd, .eps, canva) so you can always go back and make edits or changes. Check out the video below where Eugene will show you how to easily do all this and more.

Eugene also discusses using a keyboard, mouse or serial interface to start and control your booth. Here are links to the support articles he mentions…
Keyboard shortcuts
Mouse interface
Serial interface

BONUS – here is the link to some graphic buttons that you can download and use for free…