The “Photos” folder is the folder that Darkroom uses to store data, like catalogs, orders and packages. In version 9.1 by default, the “Photos” folder is set to C:\Users\Public\Documents\DarkroomSoftware\Photos. The “Photos” folder can be easily changed to store data in another drive or another folder. This can be useful for storing your data in a place where there is more storage. You may also need to change the location of your photos folder if you are a long time Darkroom user. In earlier versions of Darkroom, the default storage location was C:Program Files\ExpressDigital\Darkroom Pro\Photos (for the Pro version). In Windows Vista and Windows 7 this may cause some issues for Darkroom users due to the features of these versions of Windows such as UAC. If you have your Photos folder somewhere under the Programs folder, it is recommended that you relocate it using the directions below. See directions for checking the current location of your Photos folder in the steps below.


1. Find the current location of your “Photos” folders. Click Setup then Network Options and look at the path under Path to store Photos and Data.

2. Using Windows file management tools create a new folder for your Darkroom photos and copy the contents of your existing Photos folder to this new location. The directions below are for Windows 7.

a. Create the directory where you want to store your Photos. For instance, if you chose to put your photos in a directory called Darkroom Photos under My Pictures, you could click on the Windows icon, select My Pictures and create a new directory called Darkroom Photos. Open that Directory. In Windows 7 you can grab the bar at the top of the window and drag all the way to one side of your computer and the window will be resized and repositioned to take up half of the screen.

b. In Darkoom, highlight the entire path shown under Path to store Photos and Data, right click your mouse while the cursor is over the highlighted text and select Copy.

c. Click on the Microsoft Windows icon in the bottom left of your screen. In the search dialog box (that says “Search programs and files”) right click with your mouse, select Paste and hit enter. This will open a window to your existing Photos folder.

d. Shrink the window so that you can see the destination directory you previously created.

e. Single click on any item in the original Darkroom photos folder. Click Control A to select all the contents of this directory

f. Click on any highlighted item and drag it to the destination folder window. This should move all the contents to the new directory.

3. In Darkroom click the Browse button next to the Path to store Photos and Data. Navigate to the location of your new Photos folder.

4. Click on the Photolibrary tab and click though some of your catalogs to confirm that the catalogs have been properly moved.