This article contains information on creating a border with your Darkoom software that contains your business logo. Since borders can be applies to photos, a border with your logo will show up on top of the photo. This can be used for branding, copyrighting, or copy protection.

First you will need to create a border.

1. Go to Setup.
2. Select Products & Services.
3. Select Templates.
4. Select Borders.
5. Select the desired border group or create a new group.
6. Select New on the right to go to the border workshop.
7. Give the border a Description (This is what the software will display as the name of the border).
8. Select your Page Size.
9. Select the Orientation (Horizontal or Vertical).
10. Select the Resolution.
11. Click OK.
12. Click Add Photo (The Photo Object box will open).
13. Click OK (A gray box with white number 1 will appear in the center).
14. Click Add Graphic (The Graphic Object box will open).
15. Click Browse next to the Graphic.
16. Browse and select the graphic file you wish to use as a logo (IMPORTANT: you MUST use a 32-bit .tga or .png file with a pre-existing alpha channel in order to see any transparency). See “How to Create a Graphic With an Alpha Channel” for more information.
17. In the Options section under Transparency select Use image alpha channel (32-bit targa or png).
18. Click OK.
19. Position the logo in the location you wish it to be.
20. Click Save Changes.
21. Save your new border in this location X:\Templates\Borders.

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