Occasionally it is necessary to display an element on screen as a guide that you do not wish to print.

The border workshop is located by going to Setup>Products and Services>Templates>Borders>Your Border Group and clicking on the “new” button in the tool set on the right hand side of the screen. From the border workshop you can add a Graphic, Text, or a Photo. Each of these three objects can be displayed on the screen as a guide but not printed by selecting “Display object on screen as guide but do not print” option in the advanced section of the object’s properties. You can access this option at the time that you add the object to the border, or you can change an object already added to the border by selecting that object and then clicking on item properties at the top of the toolset on the right hand side of the screen.

Many people have been stumped by an order that has a logo, text, or a photo in it that does not print. When they view the order in the Edit and Proof mode the logo, text or photo appears in the order. Most of the time when this happens you simply need to turn this option off, and reprint the order.

Use this feature to minimize trial and error in the printing process, but make sure that you do not accidentally turn this option on and/or forget about it.