There are numerous options available for those photographers who wish to shoot with green screen. These options range from low cost, do-it-yourself green screen backdrops, to higher end implements
designed for the professional photographer by an outside company. When using ExpressDigital software, you can use any green or blue material as the backdrop. However, it is best to use a color as close to pure green or pure blue as you can. If you want to purchase a green or blue screen backdrop, there are companies that make great alternatives. Darkroom customers use solutions such as green foam core, green butcher paper, painted walls, painted muslin, and expensive “Ultimatte(c)” backdrops.

If you are inclined to create your own backdrop on a very reasonable budget, you can purchase paints from stores such as Home Depot. These colors do have a good track record when using a homemade green screen solution.

The formula for the paint is as follows:

Home Depot Behr Premium Plus No.1300
Deep Base (Pintura Interior/Mate) Interior Flat/ Acrylic Latex
Color Name: Capistrano (1b55-6)
Deep Base (1300)
Colorant OZ 48 96
AX Perm Yellow 4 20 0
D Thalo Green 4 8 0
KX White 3 0 0
L Raw Umber 0 12 0