This article contains information on importing and using passport guides. Guides are used in the Photo Workshop. Standard guides are already included in the software.
Below are the passport guides, which are based on the current State Department Standards*

Passport Vertical
Passport Horizontal
(right mouse click on link to download and save these .emf files)

To import the passport guides

Download and copy the above .EMF files into the Templates folder (usually X:Templates when the application is running).

To use the passport guides

1. Set a square aspect ratio.

2. Select the passport guides and turn on the guides so they are shown.

3. Scale and position the subject’s head such that the distance from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin is within 1-inch and 1-3/8 inches. The described distances are represented by the two circles on the guide.

4. Once the proper scale is found, move the image such that the subject’s eye-line falls within the specified eye-line range.

5. Center the subject horizontally on the centerline. There is no specified range for where the top of the head or bottom of the chin should be within the frame, but the entire head from top of hair to bottom of chin must be visible. Ideally, the entire head should fall within the outer circle with the eyes in the eye-line range.

6. Print the composed photo to a passport arrangement such as 6 passport photos on a 4×6.

*US Passport Regulations