This article contains information regarding the sending and receiving of back print information from Darkroom to a Labtricity photo lab. A photographer can send suggested back print information in their Labtricity orders by adding back print information with special print codes.

1. Click on the Setup tab in your Darkroom software.
2. In the Setup tree, select FULFILLMENT OPTIONS.
3. In the Fulfillment Options window, place a check in the box next to “ADD DEFAULT BACK PRINT INFORMATION TO EACH ORDER.”
4. In the window, click on “EDIT BACK PRINT INFO…”
5. Type in the desired back print information in the two spaces provided. Your Darkroom software also provides lists of special text options for you to choose from. Click on the “Insert special text” to access special text options. This will allow Darkroom to automatically insert such things as the date, order number, etc.

Printing back print information in Labtricity Server

1. Click on the Setup tab in Labtricity Server.
2. Click on Printer Options.
3. Double-click on the printer you use in Labtricity to edit the printer properties.
4. In the window, check the “Enable back printing” checkbox.
5. There are two edit fields for the back print lines. If you choose to use the suggested back print from the photographer, insert %OrderBackPrint1% or %OrderBackPrint2% for either of the back print
lines. A typical lab might use the first backprint line for their own internal tracking and color management, and then give the second line to the photographer for whatever the photographer needs. For example:
Backprint Line 1 = %OrderId% %ColorCode%
Backprint Line 2 = %OrderBackPrint1%
Or, if you would like to use both lines from the photographer, use these printer settings:
Backprint Line1 = %OrderBackPrint1%
Backprint Line2 = %OrderBackPrint2%
You may also mix what appears on each line:
Backprint Line1 = %OrderBackPrint1%
Backprint Line 2 = %ColorCode% – %OrderBackPrint2%

Note that, the length of the back print text is always subject to the limitations of the particular printer. Any text will be truncated to fit within the printer’s maximum width, so when mixing different fields on the same line, always position the most important data first so that it will never get truncated. If a photographer does not specify any back print information in their order, then the %OrderBackPrint1% and %OrderBackPrint2% variables will not generate any text. Note, that the photographer can freely use any combination of fixed text or special insertion fields in their suggested back print text. A common photographer back print line might be: %Copyright% MyStudio, Inc. which would generate COPYRIGHT (C) 2006 MYSTUDIO, INC. automatically inserting the current year.