This article shows you how to use Darkroom 9.1’s email capabilities to post directly to a Facebook page using Facebook’s mobile upload feature. A video tutorial of these instructions is available at the bottom of the page.

Darkroom 9.1, an internet connection, a Facebook account.


1. Setup a Page within Facebook. Refer to Facebook’s help pages if you need assistance with this step.

2. From your Facebook Page, click on Mobile and copy the email address listed under With Mobile Email. This will be the email address you will use to send your images from Darkroom using Darkroom’s email capabilities.

3. Start Darkroom. If you have not already setup your email account and an email package do so now. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the Knowledge Base article entitled “How to Use PhotoEmail in Darkroom 9.1”.

4. Go to the Setup tab, select Products & Services, then Package Groups then click on your email package, then double click on your PhotoEmail print item to open the PhotoEmail Properties dialog.

5. For the To: field, enter your Facebook mobile email address. Set the image size and watermark options per your needs.

6. Click on the Message button. For the subject, you can include the image filename by using the %FilenameShort%. For example, enter “Image %FilenameShort% from Darkroom Event”. Click OK, then click OK.

7. Make sure your email package is set as the default. Click set default if necessary.

To Use

1. Go the PhotoWorkshop tab.

2. Edit your image, e.g. apply a border, then print as normal to your email package. Note that you will not be prompted for an email address as this was hard coded when you edited the PhotoEmail settings above.

Provided you have a valid internet connection, your message will automatically be sent in the background and will show up on the Facebook page you created and in the Facebook Photos/Mobile Uploads gallery for your Page.