It is sometimes useful to be able to set printer options only for certain products. This can be accomplished by using the media type field of a print item.

In both Darkroom and Labtricity, for any printer you may specify the following options in the Media Descriptor for any print item.

/NoBleed – disables bleed for a specific print item (overriding anything set in the printer’s setup). You should always set the bleed in the printer setup to the value required by the printer. Then disable as necessary for specific prints.

/Bordered=2 – The bordered command can be used for two purposes: 1. Making a bordered print such as a 4×6 with 4mm border or 2. Producing cut lines
The width of the “bordered” area can be specified in mm, inches, or pixels. The default is pixels if nothing else is specified, and the value is applied to all four sides of an image, so
specify 2 pixels to equate to our standard 4-pixel cutlines. Note that the value in pixels is considered as 300dpi and will be converted to the appropriate output resolution of the printer in use. When /Bordered is used, the print is always printed without any bleed.

/Bordered=4mm – specifies a standard 4mm white border around a print

/Bordered=0.5in – specifies a half-inch border around a print

The following options only apply to the Agfa D-Lab

/FullSheet – always outputs a full-sized sheet (e.g. an 8×10) even if only a smaller portion of that sheet is required by the requested print (e.g. a sheet of 8 wallets requires only 7×10 of paper)

Additionally, please note that as of builds dated January 1st of 2006 you may tweak the X-Y placement of images on all roll printers. This will allow you to more accurately position the image we output on the printer’s roll. The assumption is that the printer’s shift will be somewhat consistent even as you change magazines and rolls. The XY offset can be set for each size magazine in use. These settings appear in the roll setup dialog for each width roll. When printing test prints for the purposes of tuning the roll offsets, you should either disable bleed on the printer or print an item that has /NoBleed specified in its media descriptor. You can then change the offsets as necessary to center the image and minimize the “white edge” as much as possible. After that you should set the bleed amount to a small value that eliminates any remaining white edge.