This article contains instructions on setting up the Fuji Frontier Hot Folder. This information can also be found under the Fuji Frontier driver setup. The setup is available when you click on the Help button. You must be using ExpressDigital Darkroom Professional, Assembly or Labtricity Server with the Fuji Frontier or Fuji Pic.

The Fuji Frontier must be running Pic software version 2.0 or higher. This is usually available in the continental US only. Printers sold in Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Japan, or other countries outside the USA will not usually have the Pic software but may be indirectly printed to. You can do this by using a raster image print driver.

1. Set the Pic Hot Folder to point to the folder on the Fuji Pic computer, which is being monitored for Fuji Hot Folder orders. This is normally set to a UNC network path name (e.g. \Frontier\PrintRequests).

2. The Image Folder setting may be left blank to place images into the same folder as the order files. Otherwise, you must specify a UNC network path name accessible by both this computer and the Frontier.

3. The Products Folder should be pointed to the folder on the Fuji Pic computer, which contains the channel definition files. This folder is usually shared by default from the Pic computer (e.g.

4. Press the test button or view the channels page to verify that products can be found in the specified folder.

5. You must have product channels defined on the Frontier for all print sizes sent from this software. If a matching product channel is not found, then the closest matching product that will fit the print is used.

6. Set the bleed margin to a value in pixels, which closely approximates the bleed used in the Fuji product channels.

7. If orders are completed okay from this software but do not print, please verify the Fuji Pic settings that the correct Hot Folder is being monitored and that it is set to receive Fuji Pic Hot Folder command files.