This article contains troubleshooting tips for using a barcode scanner and the Fuji S5 in ExpressDigital software. The new Fuji S5 is the only camera supported at this time with the ability to merge barcode data into the EXIF data of the images shot with the camera. This process requires the use of a serial port barcode scanner and the Nikon MC-35 GPS/Serial adapter to connect the barcode scanner to the Fuji S5. This feature can be used tethered with Darkroom Professional and Assembly and untethered with Darkroom Core, Professional, and Assembly.

● Connect your serial port scanner to the Nikon MC-35 GPS/Serial adapter and plug the adapter into the Fuji S5.

● Check to make sure that under Set UpShootingBarcode Reader, the camera is either set to BCR 1 SHOT or BCR CONTINUOUS. If the camera is set to 1 Shot, a barcode must be scanned prior to shooting each image. If the camera is set to Continuous, the camera will use the same data for each image until the next barcode is scanned.

● In Assembly edition, use the Photo Assistant to generate barcodes based upon the data you have inputted with the job. If you are using Darkroom Pro, use a word processing program such as Microsoft Word to create unique barcodes.

● Either plug the camera into the computer via USB for tethered capture or insert a memory card into the camera.

● Scan one barcode and take a picture. The barcode data will merge with the image, appearing in the Comments section of the EXIF data. If using the tethered option in Assembly, the software will read the EXIF comments and attach the corresponding data to the image in Assembly. If capturing directly to the memory card, the images can be imported into Assembly from the Photo Assistant using the import roll option. Once the roll has been imported, the data will appear before assigning the roll.

● If using Darkroom Professional, the data attached to the image will only be usable when searching for images via the EXIF User Comments. USB barcode scanners may only be used to search for images based upon the barcode data entered into the User Comments section of the EXIF data in this instance.