Have you ever wanted to shoot an event and have photos printed automatically? This is possible with Darkroom Core software. Think of it kind of like a photo booth but a photographer is taking the photo. Shoot the photo and Darkroom takes care of the rest. Use just about any Nikon or Canon digital camera and any photo printer. Whether you want a photo strip, 4×6, 5×7, 6×8, 8×10 or a complete package, it’s easy to set up auto print options. Or maybe you want to make sure the photo looks just right, that everyone is smiling, or make a quick crop or other edit. This workflow is easy to set up as well. And using your keypad you can easily determine which package and how many prints. Once you have everything set up your workflow will fly!

Don’t want to print but want to share photos online? Or maybe you want to print and publish online. Using Event Gallery in tandem with Darkroom you can capture and have photos auto share to a photo gallery online.

In this video Eugene will explain the differences in these workflows, show you all the options and how to set them up.

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