It is easy to drop in green screen images to create multi image composites with Darkroom Core. Add multiple images, text, scale and print all in seconds. This video will show you how and give you ideas on how to use the power of Darkroom Core in your photography business. Also, stay tuned to the video for a special offer for a free two month subscription to Event Gallery. Click here for more information about Event Gallery

No greenscreen? No problem! Darkroom Core and Pro 9.3 are compatible with, a third party service that will remove the background of any photo with or without green screen. It works 100% automatically: You don’t have to manually select the background/foreground layers to separate them – just select your image and instantly download the result image with the background removed. Try it now…

Check out this article on our support site to see how to use in Darkroom core.

For more videos like the one above please visit the Darkroom Support site.