Some of you may recognize me as I’ve been a long time member of the Darkroom Software Yahoo group and an even longer-time Darkroom user/reseller with a family-owned company called Imaging Spectrum based in Dallas, TX.

A couple colleagues and I (actually, they are my brothers Mike and Eric, but please don’t hold that against them!) formed a new company called Darkroom Software, LLC and have acquired ownership of the Darkroom Core, Pro, and Assembly products and the related Customer Care. We love this software, and we are excited and energized to try as hard as we can to make Darkroom Software the best we can.

One thing I want to emphasize is that there is a great network of Darkroom Dealers / Resellers out there that will stay in place (click here to see a list). These dealers are a great resource for Darkroom software, support, and business know-how.

It will take us some time to “ramp up” and transfer phones, domain names, email addresses, databases, and the like, but we are working quickly and diligently. In the meantime, if you would like to give us some feedback, I’ve set up a new website where you can make suggestions and even vote on other user’s suggestions:

We are already working with the code, and would like to have an update available in January that adds as many current cameras as possible, along with a few new features and fixes. We’ll post more information once we have it.

If you have any questions or comments in the meantime, you can:
Visit the feedback website
Send an email to:
Call us at 800-517-4522

Thanks for your patience and support. I look forward to working with you in the coming months and years!

Brian Woodchek
Darkroom Software, LLC.