When it comes to photo to phone delivery and Darkroom Booth, one of the questions we hear most frequently is – What is the difference between using Twilio and email for photo delivery?

Twilio is a third party customer engagement platform. Twilio is available as a paid service with many features and powerful tools. With Twilio your customer does not have to choose their carrier and they can send a photo to multiple numbers regardless of carrier. To learn more about the Twilio service visit Twilio.com To learn more about setting up Twilio with Darkroom Booth check out this Help Center article.

The main benefit of using email for photo to phone delivery is that this service is free of charge. If you are using the most recent version of Booth and you are current on your maintenance plan you can utilize Darkroom Booth’s built in email server. Of course, with anything free there are some downsides, primarily in this case the customer will have to choose their phone carrier when entering their number. This makes it difficult to send a photo to multiple numbers. The good news is that carriers can be updated. You can download an updated carrier list from the Darkroom Software support site here.

In this video Darkroom Software specialist Eugene explains the difference between Twilio and email for photo to phone delivery.

How do you use photo to phone delivery in your photo booth business? Please comment below and let us know. If you have questions and for more info and videos like this one, please visit www.DarkroomSupport.com