Use an Automator to Post to “Anywhere”


Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, the list goes on and the requests from your clients get trickier and seem to change by the week! Unlock the social potential of your photo booth with Darkroom Booth photo booth software and Dropbox. Once your photos are uploaded to a Dropbox folder you can use an “Automator” service to push and pull your photos to other apps and services. The most commonly used services of this kind are IFTTTZapier and Wappwolf. These services use “recipes,” “zaps” and “beams” to connect your favorite apps. Here are some examples of recipes that use Dropbox.

New Photo in Dropbox –> Post to Twitter
New Photo in Dropbox –> Post to Facebook
New Photo in Dropbox –> Post to Flickr
New Photo in Dropbox –> Post to Pinterest
New Photo in Dropbox –> Copy to Google Drive

How easy is this with Darkroom?  Well, all you have to do is add your Dropbox account to Darkroom and set the folder you want to save images to.  Then you turn on your recipe, zap, or Beam and voila, images go from Booth to Twitter, Instagram, or whatever the “it” service is next week! Here is a video to show you how to set up Dropbox in Booth.

#Hashtag Slideshow with Darkroom Booth

Now that you know how to go from Darkroom to Anywhere, how about a full reverse?  You can also bring images in! For example, you can monitor an Instagram hashtag or user and automatically copy those images to a Dropbox folder. In Booth, you can set up a slideshow to “mix-in” photos from that Dropbox folder – producing a #hashtag slideshow. This is very popular at weddings, parties, and corporate events, most of which have an associated hashtag these days.

Internet and time considerations

It is important to note that the services mentioned here require an internet connection, sometimes a tough thing to access at a wedding or large event (might be worth investing in your own “Hotspot” available from you mobile phone provider). Also, there is a time lag associated with these services. For example, IFTTT generally checks for new data every 15 minutes but some recipes run even faster. Zapier is the same; however, you can pay a monthly fee of $50 to speed it up to check every 5 minutes.

Links and resources

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Popular IFTTT Dropbox Recipes

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