This article describes two methods for printing 3½x5 prints using the Sony UPDR100.

Method 1

Use 5×7 inksheet, in the Sony UPDR100 setup in our app, check the checkbox for Cut 3.5×5 prints when using 5×7 media. If you do that and you print the 2-3.5×5’s on a 5×7 print arrangement, then the 2 prints will get cut in half. 7 inches of ink and 7 inches of paper are used. You may also print full-sized 5×7’s and other 5×7 arrangements and those will print as usual on a 5×7 sheet.

Method 2

Use actual 3.5×5 inksheet. With this loaded, you will only be able to print 3.5×5’s. You will need to redetect the printer (click rescan printers on printer setup page) after changing the media in the printer to detect the new ink size. Our software will only send prints to the printer that are designed for the sheet size that is currently loaded in the printer. When the 3.5×5 inksheet is loaded, Darkroom software will only send 3.5×5″ prints to the printer. Please note that you must choose the 3.5×5″ print made for 3.5×5″ paper in our package setup. In the package setup, click add local print item, and then choose the 3.5×5″-print under the 5-inch prints category. Note that if you choose the 3.5×5″-print from the 5×7-prints category, that will not get sent to the printer unless 5×7 media is loaded. When an order does not print and says “waiting”, it should say “waiting on 5×7” or “waiting on 3.5×5”, and you can use that to determine why the order is not printing. The
primary cause for stuff not printing is that the print arrangement selected when creating the packages is made for a different paper size.