Do you use Twilio to send SMS messages from your Photo Booth or photography events? If so, you should have already heard from Twilio as they have been sending messages to their customers repeatedly since the beginning of the year regarding A2P 10DLC registration changes. We just want to be sure you have registered before the busy holiday season. If you haven’t registered with Twilio then your text messages will not be sent. If this is news to you, here are some guidelines for your next steps.

Register your Twilio account. You can find instructions on the Twilio website here. It is our understanding that Twilio is on a 2-3 week lag so the sooner the better. Please note that this is a matter between Twilio and your business and is outside the control of Darkroom Software. We have created a short video that walks through the registration process. Watch the video here.

Use email instead of SMS. Darkroom Booth, Darkroom Core and Pro include a built-in email server. You can use this service to send free unlimited emails. The built-in email service is included with the current versions of Darkroom Software, and it is a free update for all users that are current on their maintenance plan. Learn more by visiting our blog – Darkroom Core email serverDarkroom Booth email server

Bypass Twilio by using Event Gallery. You can use Event Gallery to share photos using a QR code. Event Gallery is a subscription based service that costs as little as $25/month. You can sign up for a free trial. Learn more about Event Gallery here.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us by emailing