This article contains information on the setup of the Kodak DLS printer.

1. Java Runtime Environment must be installed on the computer with Darkroom Software. Go to the following website to download the application:

2. Find the IP Address of the computer running the DLS software in the DLS IP Address section of the DLS Printer Setup.

3. In your Darkroom software, go to the Setup tab and in the file tree choose Printer Options. Within Printer Options double-click Kodak DLS. Once the printer is selected, manually input the IP address from the DLS computer and press the ‘Test’ button. If the test fails double-check the IP address. Re-enter the IP address and test again.

4. The Username is PNS.

5. The Password is PNS123.

6. Set Spool File Type to .JPG. Once this works then you can try advanced settings.

7. Set up the roll sizes as you would any other printer. Make sure that the desired roll has a blue arrow next to it signifying that it is enabled.

8. There should be at least one product in the products tab and you should have a Product Description, Width Height, and Paper Size designated in that tab. If the products are not there, click the
Refresh button. If by refreshing, nothing changes, call Kodak or the DLS software vendor for help.

9. Click OK and then try to print as you normally would.